This site is the offical home of my Tolkien Newsgroups FAQ, Custom Tolkien Booklist, and a number of my essays, as well as (only slightly less officially) the home of the older Tolkien FAQ and LessFAQ by W.D.B. Loos. If you have an interest in Tolkien, you can find something of interest here, whether you are just discovering the books or are a veteran of years of scholarly debate about Middle-earth. I hope you appreciate this site as much as I have enjoyed making it.

This page in particular is a bit of a relic: it's a reasonably complete list of all the content on this site, but I haven't worked terribly hard to keep it up to date lately. My Tolkien Meta-FAQ is a better way of navigating most of what's here, and some of the remaining purpose of this page has been taken over by the new guide to the Tolkien Usenet newsgroups. Still, it can't hurt to keep this page around.

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