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  Essays by Conrad Dunkerson
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Tolkien Essays by Steuard Jensen

Less polished or of more limited interest

A very incomplete list of good but less formal writings from Usenet posts, some mildly outdated

Tolkien Essays by Conrad Dunkerson

Webmaster's note: Conrad Dunkerson's "Truth About Balrogs" essays are intended to be unbiased presentations of all sides of those questions, and it is my opinion that they do an admirable job of it. However, a perfectly unbiased treatment is impossible, so it is worth reading their Appendix to make yourself aware of his potential prejudices.

Moreover, because the question of Balrog wings is so very contentious, it may be worth reading some other discussions of that topic for balance. My Tolkien Newsgroups FAQ includes a consensus statement and a short summary of the debate. Michael Martinez has written a firmly pro-wing essay. And the Encyclopedia of Arda includes a balanced but somewhat anti-wing discussion. Finally, it may be interesting to search the Google Groups archive for the discussions that these essays inspired; you can find those threads in this list of search results (in reverse chronological order).

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