II. Newsgroups and Netiquette

When discussing Tolkien (or anything else) online, it is important to know at least a little about the "culture" of the discussion forum that you are participating in. The information in this section is intended to give an idea of "appropriate" behavior on the Tolkien Usenet newsgroups. To make our discussions as enjoyable as possible, every participant should try to be familiar with what follows.

  1. Information on the Tolkien Newsgroups

    1. What newsgroups are we talking about again?
    2. Why are there two groups?
    3. Do I have to have a Ph.D. in Tolkienology to post?
    4. What questions and topics are appropriate?
    5. What does a tilde (~) in the subject mean? and
      Is it acceptable to post messages with sexual content?
    6. What common mistakes should I try to avoid?
    7. What do all the abbreviations used on the groups mean?
  2. The Basics of Netiquette

    1. What is the proper subject line for my post?
    2. What should I do when replying to an earlier article?
      For example, should I "top post" or "bottom post"?
    3. When should I "cross-post" to multiple newsgroups?
    4. I am able to post my messages with HTML formatting. Should I?
    5. If someone insults me or otherwise makes me upset, should I flame them back?
    6. Even if my reputation and honor are at stake?
    7. Where can I go for more information on netiquette, and on Usenet in general?

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